Starter Mode

Pier’s Starter Mode allows you to launch compliantly in states where lending licenses are not required per state and federal laws, based on your intended borrower, product and loan parameters. You’re responsible for your funds flow.

Included Features

  • Origination
  • Loan document generation
  • Ledgering
  • Loan compliance using unlicensed state requirements by default

Excluded Features

  • Funds Flow
  • Statement generation


If you’ve obtained lending licenses or have a bank sponsor you’re partnering with, please get in touch with us to have your account configured to reflect your latest licensing status and loan compliance parameters.

Getting started

In order to operate in starter mode, you must set your contact details in order to serve as lender of record. Please see the /configuration/lending_details for more information. You must set your details before you can run the origination flow in Pier. After that, you may use the Pier API as normal - see the quickstart section for more information. Remember, you must handle disbursements and payments yourself.

If you wish to upgrade the product to take advantage of Pier’s funds flow, please get in touch.